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We consist of current and former teachers and educational leaders. Like academic achievement we thrive to remain on the cutting edge of innovative strategies and practices.


“Today, school safety and security is inconsistent at best in American schools. Many school districts spend the majority of their time and money focused on one aspect of security rather than addressing all of the issues related to school safety. SERAPH found very few school districts that focused their efforts equally between emergency response and school based violence.” 





Beyond 1 uses cutting edge technology to report anonymous concerns. Our goal is to be proactive and minimize the impact these concerns have on disrupting the social, emotional, and academic educational environment. By providing an anonymous reporting tool, educators greatly benefit by knowing what is occurring outside their immediate influence.  Many states require schools use anonymous reporting by students of bullying/harassment.  Beyond 1 ensures school systems are in compliance.




CSone behavior incident and information gathering platform, provides opportunity for improving accountability and consistency district or school wide. CSone makes the process of intake, Information gathering and resolution accountable and efficient. The workflow process is built to provide consistency of behavioral outcomes. School’s can feel confident in the comprehensive data integrity addressing all of the issues related to school safety.




A centralized data repository offers the school system a high level visibility of incidents and outcomes. This visibility allows schools to quickly extract information to drive results for policy changes, program implementations and continuous improvement over time. Mandated reporting requirements are included for families of students, state agencies and others. The comprehensive innovative approach will help school systems break new ground in behavior management.


Beyond 1 offers 50 plus years of educational leadership experience across classrooms, schools & districts. Their collaborative efforts provide unprecedented results in strengthening relationships and improving school culture. By using innovative solutions a culture in each and every school is created that promotes acceptance, achievement and accomplishment.


  • Because people doing the work, and supporting the schools, need to have one comprehensive platform to support.

  • School consistency process around receiving behavior reports and a valid/reliable way to fact find in order to decide a resolution. 

  • Process in place to collect data around fact finding and resolutions that can create disproportionality and inconsistencies (personal bias, cultural differences, inadequate professional development, time restraints within schools)

  • Platform data can drive mindset shift to appropriate needed resources

  • Programs, Processes, and Policy


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